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We are so grateful to have Taylor Lowe teaching with us.  She received her certification through international yoga teacher Bhavani Silvia Maki, director and founder of Hanalei Yoga.  When Taytay is not  creating some of the tastiest sushi rolls on the island at Sushi Girl Kaua'i she is painting, surfing, and living it up to the fullest.  

Hi I'm Nala, and although my physical form is no longer with us here on planet earth, I am vibrant and present sharing LOVE.  


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​​​   Born and raised in Hawaii, Audrey Luana Streltzer (Lulu) values and strives to live the Aloha way.  To her this means a dedication to service, a deep respect for the environment and people, an openness to learn more and admit to mistakes all with a big smile.  She initially began her yoga journey in 1996 when she discovered her interest and personal need for body awareness.  She has practiced and trained in various styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, and Yin.  Studying the human body has been fascinating to Lulu, while she enjoyed getting her hands on bones in the cadaver lab to learn the anatomical structure, she has an intuitive approach that helps bodies feel good from the inside out.  Her style of teaching involves a blend of various forms of yoga, fitness, and dance.  Certifications include, Core Power yoga, pre-natal, and kids yoga along with Thai Bodywork.  Consistent practice and training at Richard Freeman's The Yoga Workshop, has influenced her career greatly.  Lulu has received a master degree in both Tibetan Buddhism and Sanskrit from Naropa Univerisity.  Daily meditation, psychology experiments, and the dathun (month long) silent retreat Lulu took part in, continue to serve her in guiding others.  She is currently studying and practicing at the Upaya Zen center as often as she can return to Santa Fe.  Lulu feels strongly that the practice is a forever process and there is always more to learn.  Lulu has also received certifications through AFFA, in fitness and personal training.  Minoring in dance at the University of Colorado, brings a fluid feeling of movement to her classes.  Lulu has been fortunate to learn from many amazing teachers around the world including her family, friends, the list is endless and continues to grow.  These people, Oahu, her birth home, and her current residence on Kaua'i offer Lulu the support and guidance she needs to eagerly give more.  

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"Our bodies are vessels for creativity and fun. How lucky we are to have such amazing bodies? I have found the most fun ways for me to rejuvenate my body and spirit are through practicing yoga, surfing and, traveling to new destinations.  When my spirit and body are playing, I find freedom and creativity flow." -Taytay