Kaua'i, Hi

Yoga With Lulu

POWER  In just one-hour you will get body pumping, cardio-burning, yoga slimming and so much more!  Set to energizing music in a non-heated room.  
YIN  Juicy postures and very long holds make YIN a favorite class to replenish the body from the inside out.  Designed to unwind tight areas in hips, shoulders and throughout the entire body you will feel lasting results.  Come to this class prepared to relax, surrender, and allow the magic to do its work!  

YOGA CLASs styles

Heated vinyasa Get ready to sweat!  This class is designed to balance your body/mind through detoxification, toning, and stretching.  Uplifting music in a heated room sets the mood for an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience.  The calorie burning is just an extra bonus!