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​Kurt Leong

Hanalei Fire Captain, Founder of K.O.R.E

Laird Hamilton

​Professional Surfer

Gabby reece

Athlete, Model, Author

      "Stretching and doing yoga with Lulu helped me during my season keep my body aligned so that I could continue to go out and perform week after week.  Her ability to customize the moves to my bodies needs and weakness's was key for me to minimize or avoid injuries." 
     "Lulu has been the first person to change my attitude towards stretching and yoga.  Since I am not naturally flexible I have often times veered away from stretching since not only can it be painful for me, but simply I'm just not good at it.  Lulu's ability to create routines for me specifically and in a way that I am able to execute has made all the difference between doing it and not doing it.  Lulu has an incredible knack for being nurturing and thoughtful, but simultaneously professional and armed with a strategy for each individual."  

    "Should have never waited this long to take a class from Lulu.  Couldn't think of doing without it now.  It's the one true thing that will enable me to surf for life.  Ha lapa'au!"

Yoga With Lulu